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Custom Modifications

Post by TomabScblieter » Sun Nov 12, 2017 10:30 pm

Several of the mods on the Tomab & Co. Retro Server have been adjusted to better fit the play style of our server and for balance. This is not a complete list of all the changes, but will cover the most important ones. Feel free to post below with additional changes that you discover. For discussion of a specific change, please create a new topic. A permanent link to this post can be found in the server info thread.

The Tinkers' Construct tool Excavator can still be crafted, however it will not mine 27 blocks at a time in a 3x3 area. It will only mine 1 block at a time. It is not advisable to make this tool, as it provides no benefits over a pick axe.

The Tinkers' Construct tool Lumber Axe functions the same as a hatchet. Chopping down entire redwood trees with thousands of logs is game breaking and as such this tool has been broken. There is no reason to craft this tool.

The Tinkers' Construct material moss does not provide any auto-regenerative properties. In play testing, we found that once a player was able to craft a moderately useful tool and apply moss to it, there was no reason to ever craft any further tools. On our server, you can still craft and apply the moss; It just won't do anything at all.

Ore Berry Bushes do not spawn naturally and if found, the berries themselves cannot be harvested. This is to prevent plentiful metal production and encourage mining and exploration.

Mo' Creatures Big Golem cannot grief the world. They are very hard to kill and do not drop chunks of ore. Field study has also revealed they provide very little experience. At some point, we'd like to bump up the rewards for killing these creatures.

Ore Generation has changed many times throughout the years. Some chunks you may find vast quantities of vanilla ores, and some chunks you may find extreme fortunes of everything. To encourage development of the existing regions of the server all newly generated chunks will have their ore spawn rates tuned down significantly. The best areas to mine for metals are areas with the hideous clouds in the sky. The worst areas for metal are the big biomes on the fringes of the world.

Ore Doubling Any mod that effectively doubles ore has been adjusted so that it does not. This includes Tinkers' Construct and Applied Energistics. Since these modifications have been made server-side, the clients recipes may not always accurately reflect the resource yield. Grinding ores into dusts will yield 1 dust for 1 ore.

Animal Pack Behavior I'm honestly not sure which mod causes this behavior, but the animals will rally together and hunt you down if you injure one of their pack. Also, on rare occasions it seems an animal will just decide that you are an enemy and attack you. This can be dangerous both in the wild and in many of our world's animal pens.

Applied Energistics Power consumption for all components is multiplied by a factor of 10. After playing a number of heavily modified servers, the line between survival and creative became blurred with the inclusion of near infinite amounts of any resource desired. AE2 has the ability to automate countless tasks in Minecraft. By increasing the cost to build and maintain an AE2 system, we're encouraging science and the exploration of other alternative solutions that would be unique to our mod pack.

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