Rail Network Map

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Rail Network Map

Post by TomabScblieter » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:10 am

A vast and complex rail network spans the server. A map of the rail network can be located at http://tomab.net/Rail Network.png. Generally there are two types of stations; Simple Stations and Smart Stations

Simple Stations

At a Simple Station, the player may choose which adjacent station they would like to be directed towards. These stations will have a chest or barrel to retrieve a minecart as well as a a location to deploy the minecart and a selection area. Jump in the cart and choose your destination.

Smart Station

Smart stations are complex behemoths that will automatically route you to your chosen destination so long as it is on the smart network. If your destination is not on the network, it will deliver you as close as it can. Every station has been granted a three letter designation as well as two colors. At a selection panel, select the first color, wait just a moment, and then select the second color. Push off your minecart and you will be routed down the proper tracks.

Some things to keep in mind before riding the rails:
  • Not all routes are finished.
  • Some routes are vulnerable to skeleton and creeper ambushes. It is not advisable to ride completely unattended.
  • Don't confuse pink and magenta. Magenta is on the bottom row.
  • The entire system was engineered and tested with a single rider. When multiple riders are on the rails, unexpected results may occur.
If you believe you were routed to a destination in error, make note of your station of origin, intended destination, and actual destination. Relate those details to a railroad engineer via the forum.